About Velvet

What is Deer Velvet?

    Velvet is the name given to deer antlers in their early stage of growth, before the antlers harden into bone. In the early stage of growth, antlers are soft tissues, covered with fine, soft hair hence the name ‘velvet’ – but it is the inside of the antler and not the velvety covering that is used as a health product.

    Male deer grow antlers every year, and if not removed at an early stage these antlers harden and are used as weapons, causing damage to the other deer. The hardened antlers are ‘cast’ in the late winter or early Spring to make way for the next year’s set of antlers. Velvet removal is carried out by veterinarians or specially trained farmers using analgesic techniques to ensure stags feel no pain.

Deer Velvet

contains many beneficial organic elements including:

    Collagens – helps rebuild joint cartilage

    Chondroitin – relieves arthritis symptoms

    Pantocrine – increases muscle efficiency

    Glycosaminoglyans – lubricates the joints

    Uronic Acid –improves circulation

    Hyaluronic Acid – lubricates the joints

    Bone Morphogenic Protein – regulates bone growth

    Alkaline Phosphate – promotes tissue healing and cell repair

    Neutrophils – promotes the bodies resistance to disease and injury

    Omega 3,6 fatty acids, - all essential amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron & zinc

    It also contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and selenium which are necessary components of a healthy diet.

    Recent research has shown that deer velvet contains prostaglandins, important cell function regulators that play a key role in the bodies response to injury inflammation, infection and pain.

Building on over 2000 years of traditional oriental medicine, New Zealand deer velvet has emeraged as a modern natural health product with many applications


    Velvet has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over two thousand years. Consistent with the holistic approach of TCM, velvet is taken to restore balance, strengthen the body and promote overall wellness.

    Traditionally velvet is prescribed by an Oriental Medicine Doctor in sliced form with a number of other herbs. Patients boil the mixed prescriptions and drink the resulting broth.

    Today though, velvet can be taken in convenient capsules with no known side effects.

    Traditionally, velvet has been used for:

    • Preventing colds and flu
    • Reducing the negative effects of stress
    • Encouraging recovery from injury and surgery
    • Improving mental function
    • Promoting growth in children
    • Menstrual disorders
    • Improving circulation
    • Arthritis and other inflammation
    • taken as a general tonic to improve vitality and increase energy.


    Modern research in New Zealand has shown that New Zealand Deer Velvet is beneficial in the following ways:

    • assisting athletic performance
    • stimulating the immune system
    • as an anti-inflammatory
    • promoting growth
    • wound healing

This research was conducted by Velvet Antler Research New Zealand Ltd. between the New Zealand deer industry and AgResearch Invermay. The New Zealand Deer Velvet Technical Manual reviews the research available for the following uses:

    • Growth effects
    • Immune Function
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Anti-Cancer Effects
    • Anemia
    • Athletic Performance
    • Recovery After Surgery
    • Memory Enhancement
    • Effects on Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular function
    • Anti-Aging Effects
    • Cholesterol Reduction

Scientific research is proving what oriental medicine doctors have long known –

Deer Velvet is good for you!


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