There are two products available from Deer Velvet NZ Ltd:

 1. Bio Active Sportsgrade 2. Bio Active Deer Velvet

    Research indicates that most people will benefit from initially taking approximately 1000 – 1500mg of deer velvet per day. Benefits are noticed usually within 60 days, but often less. This level can often be reduced gradually while still maintaining healthy benefits.

 Bio Active Sportsgradetest

    100 x 750mg capsules – Order

    Deer Velvet taken from the upper part which is more “active”combined with the tradional herbs to give additional health benefits.


    • Enhanced athletic performance
    • Rapid healing & regeneration of damaged tissue
    • Increased strength & stamina 
    • Each gelatine capsule contains:
      • Deer velvet, 210mg
      • Ginseng, 210mg stimulant, reduced blood sugar and cholesterol levels
      • Angelica, 210mg anti-inflammatory, digestive tonic, anti-rheumatic
      • Licorice, 75mg anti-inflammatory, soothes gastric membranes used by asthmatics.
      • Carthamiseman 45mg anti-inflammatory, diuretic.

    These herbs compliment and give additional health benefits.

Bio Active Deer Velvet

60 x 500mg capsules – Order

    In gelatine capsules, a natural and safe product with healthy benefits and no additives.

    Deer Velvet has been traditionally recognised and consumed for:

    Good health and longevity

    • Boosting the immune system
    • Arthritic pain and rheumatism
    • Skin disorders
    • Anaemia
    • Menstruation problems
    • Affects of stress
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