What People say about SPORTSGRADE

I found relief from back pain caused from years of shearing.”

“I suffer from arthritis in my hands when I stop taking velvet tablets, the pain is incredible”

“The greatest benefit for us is the anti-inflammatory properties and also for general well-being”

“Please send me SPORTSGRADE velvet. I’ve found it great for my circulation.”

“Cuts and wounds haven’t become septic this (rugby) season”

“I feel my health is so much better, my cholesterol and blood sugar test (I am a diabetic) seem to be well controlled”.

“Fortunate to have been taking SPORTSGRADE Deer Velvet which has helped recovery after (rugby) injuries.”

“Since using SPORTSGRADE Deer Velvet it provides increased stamina, less injuries, quick recovery after (rugby) games.”

“I recommend it to other athletes wanting to increase energy levels”

“For extra energy in a busy weekly time schedule”

As Sportsgrade contains herbs it should not be used by young children, pregnant women, or people on heart medication, unless recommended by your doctor.


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